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Gesu e i bambiniThe "Littlest" are the souls called:
- to follow the littlest way of love manifested to Sr. Consolata Betrone by Jesus,
- to give testimony to it and to spread it with the apostolate.

"Consolata, concentrate upon one continual 'Jesus, Mary I love You! Save souls!' It is the one and only resolution which will give you the strength to reply with a 'yes' to My every request for sacrifice!".

"Love Me only, love Me always; answer with great love a 'yes' to everything, to everybody, always: there is your path. Nothing but that; it is I who will think about and provide for all of the rest!".

The Littlest Way of Love of sister Consolata consists in:
•  an unceasing act of love from the heart,
•  a smiling 'yes' to everyone; to see and treat Jesus in everyone,
•  a grateful 'yes' to everything.

The Littlest Soul thanks for everything and always, because nothing of what she receives is little to her eyes.

The usual traits of a Littlest Soul are: confidence and abandon . These two holy traits are like a consequence

and a perfection of the life of love.

The Littlest Souls are called to grow in love: in this sense we can speak of a ' special love's vocation '.

And this vocation, although already included in the Christian vocation, will nevertheless develop and become a reality in a different way in each soul, according to the conditions of her life's state.



To deepen the knowledge of this spirituality is necessary to read the following texts:image030

•  P. Lorenzo Sales - JESUS APPEALS TO THE WORLD - St. Paulus

•  P. Lorenzo Sales - THE LITTLEST WAY OF LOVE - St Raphael's

You can find them described in the review of the books.

The soul who feels called to live as littlest, feels also a need to begin with a special consecration of herself to Love.

For the Consecration we recommend:


•  set a date, preferably a feast of Our Lord or the Blessed Mother or even a First Friday of the month;
•  prepare for it with a few days of quiet and prayer;
•  on the set date, attend mass and, during the Holy Communion, make your consecration to Littlest entrusting it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the hands of     the Blessed Mother;
•  end with the recitation of a Magnificat .


8 September: Feast of the Littlest Souls


8sett1Sister Consolata entrusted the first Littlest, a nd all the other that would come after , to the Heart of Jesus and to the Vergin Mary Girl, the first and greatest "Littlest"!

" This evening, I embraced in spirit all the Littlest souls throughout the centuries, and I consecrated them all in anticipation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Since the first of these souls it is consecrated today, first Friday in September , novena of the Nativity of Mary, on September 8 I will embrace them all consecrating them to Mary girl . And the littlest will love so much the Vergin Mary because the incessant act they offer to Jesus is also for Mary Most Holy. Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls " (4 sept 1936).


Requested by Father Lorenzo Sales, her spiritual Director, Sister M. Consolata wrote for the Littlest a letter
in which she sets out her thinking on the exercise of the incessant act of love , accompanied by practical advice.


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